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07 December 2008


Walton Hills, Ohio. Veterans and Auxiliary members were honored on Saturday evening. Those in attendance included spouses, sons, daughters, friends, aunts, uncles and grandchildren. The turnout was quite large, more than in recent years. The cold weather and snow didn't keep folks away.

As in past years, the dinner was expertly prepared and the portions generous. Those who wanted "seconds" were welcome to take a 2nd plate.

Congratulations, once again, to our honorees, Ed Wojciak, Jack Rouse, Colleen Lewis, Ed Zelek, Katherine Krysiak and Toni Matey. We all think we know of the activities of our members but it takes the honors recognition at ourbanquet to learn the extent of what they have accomplished. It's remarkable.

My only critique of the evening would be that we keep our focus on the honorees. Too much time is spent on recognizing past and current Department and Post commanders, officers, elected and appointed, etc., etc., etc. It drags things out and we lose focus on why we are there.

John C. Sullivan
Department of Ohio
Public Relations Officer