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30 December 2009

JVCOCC Installation and Awards Dinner honoring Michael Polichuk

JVCOCC Honors Michael Polichuk as 2010 Veteran of the Year

Michael Polichuk

Michael was born in 1946, to Basil and Anna Polichuk in Tettnang, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. In 1948, the Polichuk family emigrated to Venezuela where Michael was raised and where he completed his primary education. His two sisters, Maria and Eva were born in Venezuela. In 1962, the Polichuk family was again on the move, this time immigrating to the United States of America and settling in Cleveland, Ohio.

Michael attended Lincoln High School, then Kent State University, from where he graduated in 1971 with a BA degree in Spanish and Latin American Area Studies. In July of 1971, Michael enlisted in the U.S. Army for 3 years. He received basic training at Fort Knox, KY, advanced training at the Quartermaster School at Fort Lee, VA and was assigned to serve at the Missile Munitions and Command School at Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, AL. He was discharged from the US Army in July 1974.

While in the service, Michael traveled to Venezuela and married his schoolmate Gladys. Michael and Gladys have three sons, Carlos, Andrew and Michael.

After his discharge, Michael worked for the Berlitz School of Languages for a short time. Later he ventured into the International Transportation field, where he is still employed. In 1991 he obtained his Federal Customshouse Brokers License, which permits him to transact imports on behalf of importers throughout the United States.

While holding a full time job and raising a family, Michael found time and dedication to serve on
Board of Elders at the Holy Trinity Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church from 1982 to 2002
in the capacity of President, Treasure and Vice-President. He also found time to serve on the Board of Directors of Osnova Ukrainian Federal Credit Union from 1986 to 2006, first forming part of the Credit Committee and later as President, position he held for 11 years. He was very instrumental in
the building of the Holy Trinity Church complex in North Royalton and in the transition of Osnova
Ukrainian FCU to its current location on State Road in Parma.

Michael joined PLAV Roosevelt Post 58 in 1993. In 1999 he was elected Treasurer and re-elected in 2001 and later appointed to the position, which he still holds. He attends all meetings, post functions, coffee hour/escort services for disabled veterans at Brecksville Medical Center. In 2000, for the first time, Michael attended the PLAV National Convention in Tunica, Mississippi. In 2001 at the State Convention held in Fremont, Ohio, he was elected 2nd Vice-Commander of the Department of Ohio. In February 2002, he was honored as Roosevelt Post 58 “Man of the Year 2002”.

In August 2002, he was elevated to State Commander to complete the term of Ken Milenovic, upon his election as National 1st Vice-Commander. In June 2003, Michael was knighted in the “Order of Knights and Ladies of Pulaski” of Polonia Foundation of Ohio. At the State Convention in September 2003, in Hudson, OH, Michael was elected State Commander for the term 2003-2005.

As State Commander, Michael has shown leadership and has guided the Department of Ohio in an exemplary manner. In his capacity as State Commander he was a director of Polonia Foundation of Ohio. In 2004, the Department of Ohio honored Michael as “Veteran of the Year”.

During the biennial term 2005-2007, Michael served as co-Adjutant of the PLAV Department of Ohio. In 2006, at the PLAV National Convention in Tampa, FL, Michael was elected to the position of National 2nd Vice-Commander for the term 2006-2008. Then at the Ohio State Convention held in Chester, WV, Michael was elected as Department of Ohio 1st Vice Commander for the term 2007-2009. While juggling these positions Michael found time to serve as National Editor of the PLAV News, official publication of the Polish Legion of American Veterans USA. He still finds time to participate at the coffee hour/escort service at Brecksville Medical Center assisting hospitalized veterans.

In 2008, while serving as Chairman of the PLAV National Pre-Convention Committee, Michael was
very instrumental in bringing The Honorable Robert Kupiecki, Polish Ambassador to the United States of America to be the main speaker at the PLAV National Convention held in Independence, Ohio.

Aside from his responsibilities in the PLAV, Michael participates in Memorial Day Ceremonies, Polish Constitution Day Festivities, Casimir Pulaski Memorial Commemoration, Veteran and Civic Ceremonies and numerous other activities in and outside of the Polish Community.

Currently Michael is serving as Chaplain in the JVCOCC Board of Officers, as Vice-President of Polonia Foundation of Ohio, Acting State Commander of PLAV Department of Ohio and Treasurer
of Roosevelt Post 58.

Michael is also member of the American Legion and the Ukrainian American Veterans Post 24.

25 July 2009


For those of us who already may have a VA Medical ID card but for a while were told we were no longer covered by the VA there is this announcement. If you do not have a card, you may still qualify.

Priority Group 8 Adds Benefits for Thousands of Vets. Starting June 15, more than 260,000 Veterans will be eligible for healthcare program enrollment. The change affects Veterans whose incomes exceed the current VA income thresholds by up to 10 percent.

If there is anyone who cannot locate their DD214 and needs it or wants to make it available to their survivors in the future, the application is included in the back of this report. Also, If you were in a military group that served in Vietnam prior to the dates listed for getting an Ohio Wartime Bonus, don't simply give up. In the meeting I used the example of Specialist 4, James T. Davis (from Livingston Tennessee) who was killed on December 2nd, 1961 on a road near the old French Garrison of Cau Xang. Although he was a member of the United States Army Security Agency, he was assigned to the 3rd Radio Research Unit at Tan Son Nhut Airbase near Saigon, along with 92 other ASA members of his unit. Although not officially serving under the ASA name, their cover designation was Radio Research. Davis Station in Saigon was named after him and President Johnson termed Davis “the first American to fall in the defense of our freedom in Vietnam.” If Specialist Davis were from Ohio, under the Ohio Wartime Bonus dates, he would not be qualified for the bonus.

In section 1. the dates of service prior to 1993 are listed to show the dates of service necessary to qualify for the State of Ohio, Wartime Bonus.
The periods of service are: a. WWII, 12/07/1941 – 9/02/1945
b. Korea, 6/25/1950 – 7/19/1953
c. Vietnam, 8/1/1964 – 6/30/1973

If you served in such a unit and have not received your bonus, it is time that you contact your county Veterans Service Officer.

28 February 2009

Department of Ohio Treasurer accepts thanks of US Army

SFC Zenon Zacharyj presented the thanks of the US Army to the PLAV for donating Post 58's hall for training purposes. Shown accepting the award is Department of Ohio Treasurer Michael Polichuk.

22 February 2009

Honor Flight Application

Veteran Application
Honor Flight recognizes American veterans for your sacrifices and achievements by flying you to Washington, DC to see YOUR memorial. no cost. Top priority (for which we are currently accepting application only) is given to WW2 and terminally ill veterans from all wars. In the future. Honor Flight will be expanded to include Korean and Vietnam veterans, hi order for Honor FIight to achieve this goal, guardians fly with the veterans on every flight providing assistance and helping veterans have a safe, memorable and rewarding experience. For what you and your comrades have given to us, please consider this a small token of appreciation from all of us at Honor Flight. For further information, please contact us a (937) 521-2400 or visit us at

YOUR NAME: ______________________________________NICK NAME:_____________
(As it appears on your ID for airline travel) (If Applicable)

ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________________________________________

CITY: ___________________________________________________________________________ STATE: ______ ZIP: ________________

PHONE: Day: ___________________________________ Evening: ________________________ Cell Phone: _________________________

E-MAIL ADDRESS: WEIGHT: ________ AGE:_______

HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT HONOR FLIGHT?_______________________________________

___________________________________________________________________________ TEE SHIRT SIZE: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL)_____

ALTERNATE CONTACT (son, daughter, etc): NAME:__________________________________________________________

PHONE:_____________________________ E-MAIL:_____________________________ RELATIONSHIP:______________

EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION (someone available the day you travel):

Name: __________________________________________________________Relationship: ___________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________

PHONE: Day: ____________________ Evening: ________________________Mobile: ________________________

SERVICE HISTORY: BRANCH OF SERVICE: ___________________ RANK:_________________

HOME TOWN (from which city and state did you enter the service?):_____________________________________________

ACTIVITY DURING WWII: ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬_____________________________________________________________________________




Do you use mobility equipment? YES NO. If YES, please circle device: CANE WALKER WHEELCHAIR SCOOTER

MEDICATIONS (name and how often you take it):


_______________ ____________________ _______________ _______________

_______________ ____________________ _______________ _______________

_______________ ____________________ _______________ ________________

Do you have any drug allergies? ________________________________________________________________________

Do you have a history of seizure? YES NO Please describe what type (i.e. grand mal, petit mal, other) ________________

When was your last seizure? ________. If within past 5 years, STRONGLY advised you discuss trip with your private physician!
Do you have problems with motion sickness ass (sea or air)? YES NO. If yes, is it connected with medications? YES NO. If motion sickness is not
controlled with medications, it is STRONGLY advised you discuss the trip with your private physician!

Do you have any breathing problems? YES NO. If YES, please describe: _____________________________ ______________________________

Do you use a home nebulizer machine? YES NO. If YES, you are STRONGLY encouraged to discuss the trip with your private physician concerning the use of portable hand-held nebulizers during the trip.
Do you use oxygen at any time? YES NO. If YES, you will need your private physician to write a prescription for oxygen to be used during the flight and during the tour. Oxygen will be provided. The prescription should be turned in with the application.
Do you have a problem walking the length of a football field without assistance? YES NO. If yes, please describe the reason (e.g. lung problems, arthritis, heart problems, etc. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________
Do you have a history of open head injuries, sinus problems, or ear problems? YES NO. If YES, have you flown since the open head injury, sinus or ear problems occurred? YES NO. If YES, did you have any problems? YES NO. If YES, it is STRONGLY advised you discuss the trip with your private physician. If you have NEVER flown since the open head injury, sinus or ear problems, again we STRONGLY advise you discuss the trip with your private physician.
Do you have a urostomy or colostomy bag? YES NO. If YES, please make sure the bag is vented prior to flight. If you do not know if your bag is vented, it is STRONGLY advised that you discuss this issue with your private physician.
Additional Comments or Concerns: __________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________
The undersigned acknowledges and agrees that:
1. As photographic and video equipment are frequently used to memorialize and document Honor flight trips and events, his/her image may appear in a public forum such as the media or a website, to acknowledge, promote or advance the work of the Honor Flight program. I hereby release the photographer and Honor Flight from all claims and liability relating to said photographs. I hereby give permission for my images captured during Honor Flight activities through video, photo, or other media, to be used solely for the purposes of Honor Flight promotional material and publications, and waive any rights or compensation or ownership thereto.
2. I further state that medical insurance is the responsibility of the veteran and I understand that Honor Flight does NOT provide medical care. I understand that I accept all risks associated with travel and other Honor Flight activities and will not hold Honor Flight responsible for any injuries incurred by me while participating in the Honor Flight program

SIGNED: _________________________________________________________________________________________________

DATE: ______/_____/_____ (E-mail applicants will, be required to sign prior to actual flight date)

Please submit this form to: Honor Flight, Inc.
ATTN: Veteran Application
300 Auburn Ave.
Springfield, 0H 45505-4703
Or e-mail to:

Or fax to: (937) 521-2580 or (937) 864-0524

06 February 2009

03 January 2009



Sen.Voinovich's Visa Waver legislation paved way for today’s action

November 14, 2008

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, the Department of State formally nominated the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia and South Korea to participate in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). This nomination formalizes the president’s October 17, 2008 announcement that these countries would be admitted to the VWP this year.

Today’s action was made possible by last year’s passage of U.S. Senator George V. Voinovich’s legislation to reform the VWP the Secure Travel and Counterterrorism Partnership Act of 2007 — which was signed into law by President Bush as part of the 9/11 bill. Specifically, Sen. Voinovich’s legislation enhanced travel security and allowed new countries the opportunity to participate in the VWP

“I am delighted to see these countries inclusion in the Visa Waiver Program,” said Sen. Voinovich, a member of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and the Foreign Relations Committee. ““Our nation can benefit both in terms of national security and economic stability when we work with our friends around the world.

“Their agreement to cooperate with the U.S. on travel security and their participation in the VWP will have a positive impact upon American tourism, business and overall economic competitiveness. I look forward to learning of additional nominations of our allies as they meet the necessary security criteria for participation.”

Nationals of these seven countries will be able to travel to the United Stated without a visa under the VWP beginning Monday, November 17. The VWP enables nationals of certain ally countries to travel to theUnited States for tourism or business for up to 90 days without obtaining a visa. The program was established in 1986. Today, 27 countries participate in the VWP and no new countries have been admitted since 1999. The Government Accountability Office estimates the VWP brings in somewhere between $75- $100 billion from travel, tourism and business each year.

“I am pleased the administration is exercising its new flexibilities provided by my legislation,” Sen. Voinovich said.

Sen. Voinovich’s legislation enhanced the VWP’s security requirements while providing the opportunity for new countries to become VWP members. Specifically, these seven countries have agreed to share information on criminals and terrorists with the United States, provide the United States with details on lost and stolen passports and enact other security measures.

For additional information go to:
or call

George Brown
Office of Senator George V. Voinovich
1240 E. 9th Street Room 3061
Cleveland, Ohio 44199